Hey there! I am so pleased you landed here. My name is Chantel and I am an Etiquette Consultant. I know, the immediate thought might be, “is she going to teach me which fork to eat with?” or you might even think, “who is this person, that thinks she can tell me how to act?” That is not at all my goal. My mission is to promote positive communication and memorable social engagement that encourages inspiring and meaningful encounters. Meaning, I want to help you show up as the best version of you.

I have always believed that manners and carrying yourself in a way that others think highly of you is important. That when I walk into a room, I speak; greet my colleagues with a firm handshake and make eye contact; show respect to the culture of the country in which I travel; I intentionally engage in conversation when on a date (even if I’m not fond of my date); and yes, using the correct fork when dining in a formal setting is essential. I believe those are all admirable, respectful qualities. Plus, I’m a southern girl. Those habits will never die and will always be rooted in me. A dear friend of mine pointed out my decorum and the fact that I sincerely care about being mindful of how we treat one another, and our interactions with each other. I believe we should always have a positive impact. The truth of the matter is, people will always remember how you made them feel , and a big part of that is the engagement you have with them.

So with that, I bring to you Yes, Please & Thank You! I am a Certified Etiquette Consultant, offering training in communications, as well as, personal and professional etiquette adolescents, business professionals and individuals who want to make a positive, lasting impression.