The Hostess with the Most-ess!

Lord knows I have been that throughout this holiday season. From my daughters birthday to Christmas Eve with my family, and celebrating friendship/birthday/Secret Santa with girlfriends. My house has been  busy and I am truly tired. We have the New Year coming in, and that, I will leave for someone else to host.

Hosting can be very overwhelming, especially if you  are the type  that really  gets into it. you know, the signature drinks , small gifts of appreciation for each of your guests, decorating every single inch of your home that no one can see or even sending a singing telegram invitation… ok yeah, so that last one, may be a bit much, but I bet you someone has done it.  While hosting can be an undertaking and even a bit anxiety filled, no worries, I’ve got you. I love to entertain. I will get you through, as well as those of you who are guests… oh, yeah there is work for the guests too.

  • Make your home visitor friendly. It’s not fun going to places, especially someone’s home and you don’t feel the love. Chances are,  you are inviting guests your are well acquainted with, but if you’re allowing guests to bring plus ones, you may not know them, and therefore will need to make them feel at ease coming into your home. Greet your guests, let them know where all the areas of your you are in which you are entertaining. Offer to get your guests what they may need while they are there. Introduce them to all other guests. This encourages conversation as you cannot be at their side every moment.
  • Make sure you set a specific start and end time. Some people tend to get a little too comfortable, especially when its time  to leave. You or anyone living in the home may have a busy schedule the next day, your spouse could be preparing for travel, or better yet, you have neighbors. Be courteous of the of time in which you possible occupy space that extends beyond your property, i.e. noise and parking.
  • Be prepared. Have dinner and those signature cocktails ready upon the arrival of your guests. You should be ready to entertain and not putting things together or still preparing your hors’devours or dinner.
  • Gifts. If there happens to be gifts, take them at the door and have a designated area for all gifts. 

Now for the guests…

  • Be sure not to arrive too early for a dinner party and maybe 15 minutes at the latest. As, always, call to let the hostess know if you will be late, so they can plan accordingly.
  • Although your host may introduce you to other guests, make it your business to do the same. There may be people in the room you haven’t met.
  • Never bring a plus one unless your host has specified in the invitation that additional guest are welcomed. It’s best to let your host know ahead of time if you choose to do so.
  • It is a nice gesture to bring the host a gift. The host has been so gracious to open up their home, cater to your needs, and provide you with a good time. It’s a just a nice way to say thank you.

Hosting a party can be so much fun. Don’t stress it, enjoy it. Add your personal touches, make it your own. You have chosen to allow people into your home, make your event memorable, make yourself memorable.

As we approach the new year, I just want to thank you for subscribing and taking time to read my blogs (the only three I have thus far, lol). I look forward to engaging more with you all. I am not a writer, but this has certainly become something I look forward to producing, and hope that you are getting what you need.

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