Course Offerings

Etiquette taught at a young age can have impact for years to come and into adulthood. Yes, Please & Thank You! offers etiquette training for students starting at the age of three into teenage years. It is essential for students to first understand how to have respect for others, but most importantly for themselves. From dining, to telephone, introducing  and greeting, conversation and listening skills, students will will receive proper and effective training on how to engage with others and conduct themselves in any setting.

Business or professional etiquette covers much more than running a corporate meeting, greeting new clients, or hosting an after hours event. The curriculum details a model of conduct that will make those who have training stand out from their colleagues and competition. For those seeking to conduct business on a global scale, where international protocol training is most helpful to have, business etiquette is an essential tool. Since all business is not conducted in a boardroom, courses will prepare you to engage at your best whether on the golf course, a restaurant, or a vacation beach spot.

While etiquette is mostly thought to be about dining, sitting properly, and making eye contact, etiquette reaches far beyond that. The presentation of your best self,  is paramount in any situation. Yes, Please & Thank You! provides teachings from dating, dining, weddings, corporate engagements, hosting parties, social skills and manners to formal balls, foreign travel, joining organizations and much more, in which you and/ or your group will be prepared for proper engagement.