Professional and Business Etiquette

In professional and business etiquette, we will examine being considerate and mindful of others, appearance, email and phone etiquette, interactions within the workplace, business meetings, introductions, conversation skills, cultural differences all through:


  • Healthy Communication Exchange
  • Presentation / Exchange of Contact Information
  • Social Networking
  • Follow Up


  • Interaction / Behavior with Open Office Space
  • Meetings (Internal/External Peers & Customers)
  • In Person Conversation
  • Communication Through Phone and Email
  • Privacy

Clubs and Organizations

  • Joining
  • Proposing a New Member
  • Being Blackballed
  • Taking a Leave or Resigning
  • Loyalty and Confidentiality

*Etiquette reaches over a broad number of topics. Courses can be tailored to fit your needs and are not limited to the above listings.