Welcome! And Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Photo by Mohammad Danish on Pexels.com

Yes, Please & Thank You! IS A YEAR OLD!!! I can’t believe it. I cannot believe I have been a business owner for 1 year. Like so many of us, when our birthdays come around, we reflect on what we have and haven’t accomplished, or perhaps what the past year looked like overall. I’ve had much momentum, but then I’ve had lazy moments where I was neglectful. There were so many things I said that I wouldn’t do, things that I wanted to do. I’ve accomplished a lot, but yet not completely satisfied. I’ve taken risks, and Lord knows, where certain areas of my life are concerned, I am not jumping off of the cliff. But this year has also come with learning experiences, and jumping off the cliff is one of them. You can’t desire to be a business owner and not take risks.

So here I am, and here you are with me. I’m jumping off a cliff, and you are here to watch. Blogging was one of the things I said I wouldn’t do. I didn’t want digital products, I was terrified to post videos on social media, didn’t want an online school/programs, I had no desire to write books. I was scared of perception and I just didn’t want to do those things. I just “DIDN’T”. You are probably saying to yourself, “how in the world does this lady, want to run a business, but doesn’t want to “run” a business?” Crazy, right? But as the saying goes, “The dream doesn’t work unless you do.” I’ve met so many people, attended events, and have been the main event, all in this 1 year. And the energy, love, ideas, and advice I received, showed me that what I have to offer, people really do want. The excitement that I hear in people’s voices, and the excitement in their face when I tell them about Yes, Please & Thank You, is AMAZING! And now all of those things that I said I wouldn’t do, have either been done, or they are in the process of being done. And did I forget to mention that people have said that I inspire them. Not me??? Miss , “I don’t want to do anything”. Again, crazy right? But looks like the jump wasn’t too bad. I SURVIVED! SO LET’S GO! LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!

I will bring to you a bi-weekly blog post, providing you with how-to’s and what not to-do’s, tips, on etiquette when it comes to dating, parties, communication, children, business, and so much more. I will often use the phrase, “There is etiquette in everything”, and I promise you there is! I can always guarantee my days are filled with some type etiquette lesson I have learned and want to share. My desire is for you to show up as the best version of you, in all of your encounters. So, without further ado, since we’re celebrating my birthday, here are a few birthday party etiquette tips to be mindful of :

  • Be creative with gift giving – think about the person you are purchasing for and cater to who they are, what they mean to you, and the things that they desire.
  • Give gift cards– If your creative juices just aren’t flowing, gift cards are a nice gesture. Perhaps to their favorite restaurants, retail stores, or events. Giving a gift card, that isn’t specific to a restaurant or retail, kind of suggests that no real thought went into the gift, unless specified by the receiver that they don’t have a preference.
  • If you are throwing a party, it is ideal to send invitations at least two weeks prior to the date of the party. Chances are, that if you wait until the last minute, some of your favorite guests may not be able to attend due to prior obligations.
  • RSVP – this is a big one. Be sure to RSVP. Although the event planner wants your beautiful face in the place, they have also spent time and money, on food/drink, party favors, decorations, venue, and invitations just to have you there. Be courteous and respectful in that you value their time, money, and energy to ensure your are entertained.
  • Say Thank You – your guests have also spent time, money, and energy to be there for you. Even those who are in your life and perhaps could not attend your birthday gathering, or couldn’t give you a gift, say thank you for them acknowledging your birthday. Lastly, whomever you believe your creator to be, say thank you for the gift of life.

As much as I am looking forward to being in your inbox, I hope that you look forward to seeing me there. Cheers to jumping off cliffs, and thank you!